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It's been a bit of a busy couple weeks, and I'll update with holidays soon. But in the meantime, thought I'd share what Pisces are facing this coming year:

Year Outlook
Okay, pause for a moment and check your pulse. Still there? Good. That means you survived the last couple of years with both Saturn and Pluto in less-than-perfect places for you. And by "less than perfect," I mean "lousy." Good news! Both of astrology's heavyweights have moved on to more constructive places for you. Now is the time to take that famous Pisces sensitivity (still intact from the challenges of the last while) and put it to work making your life a happier and more comfortable place.

You'll be receiving a lot more attention from others in 2010: loved ones, family and co-workers will all be drawn to you at times like moths to a flame. And as a result of the last couple of years worth of hassle, you'll be a stronger person with better judgment, and much better able to handle the influx. Enjoy your new position at the center of your own social circle!

One more noteworthy change from the previous year: Jupiter will be in your sign for most of the year, giving you a newfound sense of optimism and happiness about things no matter how they turn out. You'll be feeling expansive, but be careful not to expand too much -- this transit also comes with a more than usual chance of weight gain. There will be a renewed emphasis on health, fitness and personal well-being in the spring -- take advantage of that. Then again, maybe you just deserve the break. What's a pound or to compared to real happiness?

Career Outlook
After a year of uncertainty and low-level dissatisfaction, your career is going to be facing the broadest range of possibilities, pitfalls and potentials you've seen in recent memory -- exactly what you've needed to shake things loose and make your working life more like the one you deserve. You've gained a new perspective on who your really are in the last few years, and now it's time to find the career path that more closely matches The Real You. Don't over-react to the incoming waves in the next year. Rather, watch the signs, be patient and thoughtful, and above all Know Thyself and the process will result in you attaining new heights.

April, May and June bring new inspiration with work. You may find yourself taking on a new project or an expanded role. Don't let the temporary increase in the workload get you down; planetary forces will supply with a chance to shine! This would also be an excellent time period in which to warm up your resume and get it into circulation. Your current boss isn't the only person out there who is likely to be impressed.

In terms of actual cash on hand, 2010 will provide the usual struggles, but with a couple of highlights. The first two months of 2010 will see more of a pinch in the wallet than usual. So the more careful you are with Holiday shopping, the easier it will go. From March onwards, new circumstances enter your financial life that will be in place for the long term. Your expenditures may go up at first, but the conditions will be right for new and creative ways to handle your money, and ways to make more. You may want to start considering self-employment as either a mainstay or a side project; new doors will be opening in both regards. Don't spend all your money (or time) in one place!

Romantic Outlook
Pisces has such a "sweetness and light" reputation when it comes to love and romance that you'd think they would be popular and sought-after mates all the time. Saturn's passage through your Partnership House during the last couple of years has been a challenging time that way; it may have been harder than usual to get a date, or (more likely) you may have had difficulty getting a long-term relationship to run properly. Thankfully, that process has ended now, and the less-than-rewarding times you've been through should prove to have simply cleaned the slate and made room for new romantic fulfillment!

If you are looking for new romance, there are two times in the next year where if you lay out the bait, you'll catch some attention. The first is January and February, when you will be in the spotlight among potential paramours. With little or no extra effort on your part, you'll simply be getting more attention. With a little assistance from you, that attention can be developed into the fire you're looking for! Secondly, May and June are a promising time for romantic pursuits.

If you are in a committed relationship, the challenges of the last couple of years may have shaken the foundations more than either of you are comfortable with. April through July will bring old issues into focus, but will also give you the opportunity to do some (possibly much-needed) repair work. Finally, August and September will give you the chance to test those repairs and to get it all running again as smoothly as you want. Enjoy it -- you've earned the good times to come!

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