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Hey Everyone. Wow, long time no contributions, eh? Life’s been pretty hectic lately because of work, illness, and…well, just life. But, though a bit late, I did want to post this (not-so) brief report of YaoiCon 2010.

Checked in late on Thurs, then hung out with some friends, and then, explored the hotel. Wow. Great size. I was really pleased that we got the Hyatt. The ballroom alone was worth it. Even divided in two, it easily held our entire convention. That’s pretty impressive. The Hotel Staff were rather nice as well, though there was some issue with double billing my room up-front. Never good, and even worse when the rent check is in the mail. Nonetheless, it all got worked out.

Hung out with some other friends before heading up to the city for a brief RP game. All in all, a nice way to start my vacation.

Friday was not so nice. That’s when I discovered the double-charge on my card. Also, that despite being confirmed for everything else at the Con, no one had confirmed my registration. Okay. Been a member 9 years, know my name (real and Badge) by rote, yet no confirmation. Ah well. Dren happens, right? Little peeved off, but everyone’s human. Went through line, got the badge, and life goes on. Plus, chatting with Ren, Roy, GothKitty, and Heather in line was fantastic. It’s always great to see friends.

The Swap Meet was, of course, next on the agenda. I sell every year, or try to. I was impressed with the size. Not the location, mind you. Outside in an event tent rather than the usual rooms, but size-wise, we had a ton. They sell locations by half a table. Everyone got their own table, or more. I had a prime location by the exit/art auction drop off. Tons of stuff to sell, and I did get rid of quite a bit! Two boxes worth and most of a suitcase! Also made my average amount, which is a comfortable cushion to enjoy the Con with.

The only downside I noticed was the bottle-necking in the tent. There were so many sellers by the front door that clogging occurred, causing traffic disruptions…but only by the front door. A little rearranging, creating a “flow of traffic” (a la the Marriott) easily fixes that. Still, new location, best time to discover all the kinks to work out next year! Even if we’re in the tent again, I was very pleased, from the seller’s perspective.

Since last year I came home from Con feeling like I’d worked all weekend, I vowed to go easy this year. Volunteer if they needed me, otherwise this was a bloody vacation. And I meant it. After the Swap Meet, I hung out with some friends, then got in line for Bingo. Ended up doing some traffic directing, but otherwise had a lot of fun with Anneke et al in line as we waiting for Closing Ceremonies to end. Bingo, as usual, went off with no wins for me. The tradition stands at the 10th Anniversary. Woo!

Invited to a party by Tidus after Bingo, which ended up two doors down from me. Came in, said hi, hung out, then retreated to my room with Ren, Biboy, their roommates, and later Thorn to hang out and eat pizza. Good to just relax, chill, and chat. One of the best Friday’s I’ve had at Con. Thank you for the invitation and hanging out with me!

Slept in for the first time in 5 years at Con. Usually, I’m up by 6 or 7 to help open the Dealer’s Room. I’m a known face, getting people lined up, handing out breakfast to the Dealers, and just chatting with friends. This year I woke up around 10:30. Which was good since I had a panel at 11. Heh.

I shared the panel with Heather, which was more sparsely populated than I anticipated. The line outside for the Guests explained it, though the fact that the panel room was huge probably didn’t help our perception. I think we had a good ten, maybe dozen people in the end. It was a little rough, but obviously we all enjoy WoW, and this year, with Cataclysm, we’re definitely getting a Yaoi Guild going (I believe Horde was the final decision). Probably work on that in 2011.

After that, it was time to head up, get a little more organized, and come back down to check out the Dealer’s room. I cannot emphasize enough: sometimes size does matter. There was room to maneuver in the Dealer’s Room. It’s always attempted, yes, but at times the one at the Marriott felt a little clustered with everyone in there. This year, it felt a lot more spacious, which helped me relax as I toured the area. Bought a couple books, DVD, the usual. Very careful in my spending.

Naturally, I had to follow-up this little trip with one to the Fan Market. Hah. There goes careful spending. Ended up with lovely prints and got to chat with a few artists, some who knew me, and some who were just fun to know. Young Avengers is getting some attention, which means next year there may be some artwork of my favorite canon couple. Wai!

Came back in and just had to show Ren my flaming pussy.
From YaoiCon 2010

Yes, I made that pun. I couldn’t help myself. I think I actually broke him a bit. He just stared, then started laughing. Yay for breaking the Canadian! It took him about five minutes to pull himself back together and remember that he wanted some pizza from the night before. Who am I to refuse food to a hard working man? Especially one whose psyche I almost shattered?

Had a few hours after that. Checked out the gaming room, carnival, walked around the hotel…just kind of bummed around. Finally ended up in Anneke’s room to hang out pre-Auction. I, not a big fan of AMV or Cosplay, just hung around until about 8, when I went down to see if there was a line going to form for the Auction. Turns out, there wasn’t, and I was needed as ground control. Best to keep cosplayers from the Indian Wedding reception, after all. Ended up being sent to the back of the line as a visual indicator of where it was. Sucks being the tall man, sometimes, but hey, someone’s gotta do it.

Despite being the literal last man in, there were actually a ton of seats left over. And I mean a ton. I had quite a few choices for where to sit. And as luck would have it, the front row by the door had about four empty seats. So, I took one! Not directly in front of the stage, but in front of one of the projection screens. It turned out to be a really good spot.

So, the Auction. Big event. Some years, it blows me away. Not just the acts, but the presentation, the atmosphere…everything! Everyone involved works so hard, that I just can’t help but admire it. And this year, the special 10th Anniversary, well… I wish I could say it was just as special as they wanted, but this was one of the few times I think things were a little…rough, for all involved. Now, granted, with the new hotel, I can understand some difficulties the staff would run into. And of course, the Bishies work so hard, the ones who are on and off the stage, that I just want to gush about their courage and stamina.

And yet, this year felt a little ramshackle. Or it may have just been me. Like that scene from “Defying Gravity” where Elphaba flies, I built it up so much in my head from the expectation that the actual event seemed somewhat lacking. Not that it still wasn’t a great performance, it just wasn’t the bombshell I was waiting to see.

Naturally, all the Bishies worked hard. I most enjoyed Dorian and his letter writing, very original. The Russian soldiers and the Singing duet came in a close second. Obviously, humor is what sparks my bids. Of course, there was the singing, dancing, and Sid. And then there was the Seiyuu auction. I thought, “Okay, could be good,” but then it turned into Tech vs. Staff, and the last time that happened…well, Saya was auctioned off for the night. It was nice to see the guests on-stage, I’m sure, but they looked almost bored at being there. Sad to say, so was I, but I never come for the guests. I amused myself with the iPhone. Yay iPhone!

One of the escorts (someone who walks Auction winners to the stage) caught my eye and, just for kicks, I asked Bazu to ask Puppy if she wouldn’t mind selling him for a quick $50. I was half joking, but the bids had been a bit low this year, so I figured, maybe a quick silent auction would be welcome. Surprise, surprise, she agreed, and I was in a quick bidding war for the man holding the Seiyuu hoodie. Was able to close the deal at $110, and headed on over to pay without an escort.

He and I did help briefly, getting the stage clear, then whisked out so the room could transform into a dance hall. Learned the guy’s badge name was Mestopholes (Meph), and we was very pleased to be sold!
From YaoiCon 2010

As I always open with, I offered him some food, and his eyes got this wide, ecstatic “Yay, feeding time” look all the auction bishies get. Why no one feeds them, I’ll never understand. Hence my Haven (which, sadly, I couldn’t do this year). Still, I had two pizzas left over, so we headed up to my room, had a midnight meal, and talked. Turns out we had a lot in common, and we ended up discussing role playing games for a bit. Fellow Lawful Evil man, always fun to chat with. And of course I talked, he listened, I asked about his life, how he came to YaoiCon…the usual humdrum. I’m not the most demanding date, but holding a conversation is definitely necessary when out with me.

Goth Kitty was the DJ at the dance, so we went in just to check his skills. First time I’ve ever been to a YaoiCon dance. I’m definitely more of a wallflower. Still, Meph got some LEDs and put on a swinging light show, one of his Bishie Acts, and we hung out there for about twenty, thirty minutes. By the end, a few others were trying to imitate his light show. I’m not sure he noticed, but it amused me.

After that, Jin was having a birthday party, so we swung by there, where I hung out with...pick a friend, any friend. Always good to see a man turn one year older. Better when there’s an open bar. I kid, naturally. Still, it was a good party, and I was glad to end my Saturday on that high note surrounded by great people.

Halloween, I woke up and enjoyed the first Ghostbuster’s movie as an intro to the spookiest day of the year. This was my big panel day, starting with SciFi in Yaoi, which drew my biggest crowd. That will definitely be coming back next year. Foods Corrupted by Yaoi, run by Anneke, was a blast, as always. And Yaoi in Comics…well, by that hour, people had checked out, or were at another panel. So, panel-wise, that one didn’t work so well. I may merge it into the SciFi one next year and let God sort it out.

Spotted Tomato and insisted she get a panda that looked exactly like my puppy. She did. It’s adorable. After that, we got roped into organizing the Closing Raffle prizes. I’m really glad Susan trusts me enough to handle such a job, including transportation. I know in the past there’ve been issues, so I have to say thank you for your faith.

That said, I was a little upset when asked to not go to the front of Closing Ceremonies since they were filming it and I would be…aesthetically unpleasing, is probably the best way to put it. Now, I’m the first to admit I’m not the greatest figure on camera, but still, after 9 years, a little tact would’ve been nice. Or at least hearing it directly from the staff organizers, rather than them asking another staffer pull me out of the room and tell me.

So made my way back in, sat on the side of the room, and did my usual proxy for Bishies. Got called up twice. The first time I burned Ren just a wee bit. It was unintentional at the time, but hilarious in retrospect. The second time, there was a Con Virgin near me, so I literally pushed her to the stage to experience YaoiCon, up close. She was red in the face, but definitely enjoyed it.

Afterward, a group of us ended up heading to the Elephant Bar. After a weekend in the hotel, walking to the restaurant was a nice change of pace. Good weather for it, too. Had a good time chatting, contributing a bit to a Bishie dinner (more than made up for in conversation), and headed back. A party was planned in honor of the closing of the 10th Anniversary, but apparently, everyone was so tired they ended up falling asleep while getting the booze from their rooms. So, we called it an early night. Real early. It was actually before midnight.

Well, the rest of my friends wouldn’t be back until the morning, and they’d be all set to check out. So I just packed my things, called the bellboy, and headed home. 101 at 1am isn’t bad, so I ended up back home in about 20 minutes. Didn’t bother unpacking, but did end up waking the dog. So I didn’t actually get to crawl into my own bed until about 3, but by that point the Con high had worn off. And thus ended YaoiCon 2010.

On the whole, I really enjoyed Con this year, save for the hiccups in the beginning and that bit at Closing Ceremonies. Wish I’d had a higher turnout at some of my panels, but one can’t control the scheduling. The hotel was wonderful, the people, magnificent, and my belief in the Con reinvigorated after last year’s draining events.

People kept coming up to me to ask the same four questions throughout the weekend. For those attendees that read my LJ, I thought I’d address them here.

”What happened to the Fiction Contest?”
The Staff decided, with the difficulty of the transition, to postpone the Contest this year. That said, I will definitely lobby to bring it back for 2011, especially with the renewed interest people were showing.

”How come What’s Your Kink wasn’t scheduled?”
That, I’m afraid, is my fault. I honestly thought I’d put in a request for it, but in my addled state this year (seriously, it’s been hell), it turned out I’d imagined submitting that panel. It will return next year, assuming it’s approved by the Panel Chair.

”Are you having the Bishie Haven?”
Alas, this year I just couldn’t pull it off. Between finances and new hotel and, well, a lot going on in my life, I just couldn’t get it together. Perhaps next year will be better suited to it. But even if I don’t officially have the Haven, you’re always welcome to check for food. I ended up bringing home an entire pizza from this Con, so there’s always a little something lying around.

”How come you’re not on Staff?”
Asked, ironically enough, by many of the older volunteers and some Staff members. I would be honored to be Staff, even in name. Lord knows I’ve put my soul into the Con. However, I don’t know the ins, outs, and whys of those decisions. You’ll have to speak with the Con Organizer to get an answer for that. Whatever the answer, I’m still happy to attend, participate, and help in any ways I can for the Con.

Once again, I must thank the Staff, Bishies, and Volunteers for working so hard to put together this great weekend. To all my friends, it was fantastic to see you and I hope we can chat a bit more during the year. Meph, you were a great sport and thanks for letting me buy you. See you in 2011!

PS: YaoiCon 2010 Photo Album can be found here.


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