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Cyph has just returned from YaoiCon 05! Yes, that's right. Now, I know some people want a big long report but...I'm about to fall asleep and it's only 8 bloody pm. SO! I shall do some brief tidbits, and do the bigger one during class tomorrow (because they're making me miss Castro party, bastards).

-Wings! Everyone loves me wings! Sadly, they broke during closing ceremonies, but I'll be getting new ones! ^-^

-No costume this year, but thinking I'm gonna try and be Rodney McKay next year (especially since a bishie is gonna be Ronon. Hee!)

-Panels went great, even though I didn't have my notes because I don't know where I put them after I moved. Fortunately, between my memories and the latest news, the one I ran by myself was a hit, and the other ones...well, Sumsum and Deani did most of them.

-Sumsum and Deani! And For-chan! Den of Inequity! Isis! And all the others I was with! Twas fun! We must meet more often!

-Queen Crimmy! Your humble (*snort*) servent has found yet another member of the RWML: Bamboo! Yup! The woman with the Pan people walk into herself! She saw my badge when I went to Foods corrupted by Yaoi and said "Hey! I know you!" *grins* She's gonna email me, and I'm gonna give her your LJ name.

-This year, I brought some stuff to be sold. Among those items: two pencil boards, 1 YST DVD half-set, Slayers the Movie (VHS), Rayearth 2 (VHS), and two seasons of Ranma (VHS). Of those, guess which sold fastest. ....Rayearth 2, two seasons of Ranma, and the two pencil boards! *biiiiig grin* I under-priced them, but I don't care! I cleared out a shelf of VHS! Wai! (parenthetically: Crimmy, I have Escaflowne on VHS if ya want).

-The legend lives on! Four years of Bingo, 1/3rd of the cards played during the night, not a single win! Yup, that's right. The Curse of Cypher continues!

-Stargate is growing more popular! So slash authors and artists, draw manga and comics with the SG1 and Atlantis characters so we can have a full-blown panel and spread the love!

-There's more, but I'm falling asleep and have three days of emails (read: 300) and.....oh, oh, I'm afraid of what's on LJ. I'll post my full Con report with pictures (I have, what, 150?) soon. Sorry for any mispellings and all that, and goodnight!


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