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"There's nothing more inconvenient than an old queen with a head cold."

So, yeah, sinus infection. Yay.

Anywho, I'm reaching out to anyone in Vancouver and the surrounding area. I was wondering what daily life is like, more bridges than road. Is public transport really good? What're the demographics like? Personal opinions and anecdotes about the region are more than welcome. Thanks for assisting!

Date: 2010-09-17 12:31 pm (UTC)
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But you're not old!

*runs away*

Date: 2010-10-27 06:16 am (UTC)
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Vancouver, Washington or Vancouver, BC? This is important.

Vancouver, BC is wet. It's raining right now. Vancouverites don't use umbrellas, we just get wet. If you see someone with an umbrella, either their outfit is dry-clean only, or they are not from here. If you're in Vancouver proper, the transit is pretty decent, though. All bridges are hell during rush hour (but I suppose that's relative, because Seattle traffic is a lot worse). SkyTrains are the way to go, whenever possible. I think we were also recently named one of the most expensive cities in the world.

When having a friend visit from the States, about a week in she very timidly asked, "Where are all your black people?" You might notice that we don't have any. What we do have is a large Asian community, so sushies and Anime are plentiful. Chinatown's great in the day, but the crackheads come out of the woodwork at night.

It's a really quick transition from the ritzy area to the... I guess "slums". I used to live in Yaletown, with scantily-clad drunk girls roaming the streets 7 nights a week, a constant untz-untz permeating my walls, and I was only six blocks from the junkies and the raving derelicts, yet never did our paths meet.

Bars close at 2am, and a select few diners stay open 24 hours (we have been dubbed the "No-Fun City" for this). The SkyTrain stops running for the night around the same time. Bus service, however, continues with Night Buses. If you're a Harry Potter nerd, we also have a Knight Bus, which goes along Knight Street, and is neither purple nor magical.

Davie Street is the gay district, and Celebrities is the trendy gay club that is likely to have about 15% straight girls in it at any one time. And for some reason, there's always this tiny old woman, at least 60, dancing by herself.

Personally, I partake in the goth community, with no specific goth clubs, but rather goth nights spread out in various clubs. Those people are good people. In that vein, there's also Sin City, two Saturdays a month, where everyone is welcome in their best cod piece or waist cinch and thong, with no need to wear anything else inside the club. There is also a "dungeon". You know, if that's your sort of thing. Strict no camera policy, of course.

I guess that portrays my life as a drunk college student pretty accurately. UBC and SFU, neither of which I attend, are both great Universities, but we've got dozens of Colleges and other private post-secondary education.

Jobs can seem a bit scarce, but I've only ever had one friend go more than a few weeks without finding a job, and he was kind of an under-educated, overly-picky whiner.

Stay the hell out of Surrey, Port Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge. They all think they're not as bad as the other two, but they're all wrong. Surrey is like the asshole of BC, PoCo has a haze of pot wafting over the city, and Maple Ridge is where we hide our yokels and ship our homeless people (true story). Transit's horrible in those suburbs, anyway, with some buses stopping at 6pm for the night. Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam are not the same, and Coquitlam is pretty decent, but the transit still sucks and the only real point of interest is Maillardville, the historic French quarter.

There's also skiing, snowboarding, and pot, but that's not really my scene. I guess we have golf and the ocean, too. And the occasional bear tries to go in the mall.

I don't really know if that was a positive review or a negative one, but clearly there's a draw for us to be expanding so rapidly. There are few other places I'd want to live, and that list includes Seattle, which is pretty damn similar to Vancouver to me.

Vancouver, Washington, from what I understand, is just a bunch of trees with people hiding in them. And a girl threw acid in her own face for attention. That's all I know about them.

PS: I'm Ember, btw. I found your LJ address in my phone, I think we talked about Warcraft. A year ago.
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